Dylan Howe’s Subterranean by Garry Corbett

2014-10-20_10-47-40Garry Corbett was at the Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday evening for drummer Dylan Howe’s Subterranean. Here is his photograph plus some reflections:

A great evening’s music. The Subterranean album was played in its entirety over two sets with accompanying visuals in the form of projected images of Berlin.

The line-up, slimmed down from the album, did the music credit. Andy Sheppard played some fiery Coltranesque soprano on All Saints. Elsewhere we were treated to some lovely woody sounding bass from Dave Whitford while the contrast between Steve Lodder‘s Korg keyboard & Ross Stanley‘s eloquent piano produced moments of magic.

Hearing the album presented as a suite was very effective. It served to illustrate what a wonderfully cohesive work Dylan Howe has imagined from Bowie & Eno’s original filmic music from the Berlin period albums. A triumphant evening.

  • Just click on the picture for some more of Garry’s photography.

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  1. The esteemed British music writer Richard Williams did this show the honour of a trip from London and has given it a glowing write up on his blog thebluemoment.com .

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