Topology and Trichotomy – Healthy

healthy(Topology/Trichotomy Music)

The Australian jazz piano trio Trichotomy is familiar – three of the band’s albums have been reviewed on this site; the Australian contemporary chamber music ensemble Topology – a quintet of saxophone, violin, viola, piano and double bass – is not. For this disc they come together and certainly this shared ground is fertile for musical growth.

The doubled instruments – piano and double bass – work cleverly around one another: Trichotomy’s Sean Foran will, for example, find a punchy, almost electric violin tone on his Fender Rhodes, while Topology bassist Robert Davidson will play with a bow to give the band a rich string trio element.

Minimalism is a natural meeting place for these bands and not only are there elements of this cyclic style in the original compositions but the bands also tackle Steve Reich’s Clapping Music, in an arrangement for instruments rather than just hands. Some tracks approach the atmosphere of a scary movie soundtrack, others are a little too pretty, but mostly this is inventive and interesting music that sounds not quite like anything else around.

A healthy and fresh salad of contemporary musical influences it certainly is. Try the track Healthy Lifestyle V3 for a crunchy dressed leaf.

  • To buy Topology and Trichotomy’s Healthy go here.

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