Chicago comes to Birmingham for the return game

Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis

Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis

Next Monday and Tuesday two Chicagoans will be making Birmingham their kind of town*. This is a return leg after a band from Birmingham played away in the transatlantic twin city a year ago.

And the great thing about jazz is, of course, that, unlike in football, everyone’s a winner.

In early ’13 our locals – Steve Tromans (piano), Chris Mapp (bass), Miles Levin and Mark Sanders (both drums) – headed out to Chicago and had a great time playing with their locals.

Now saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Tim Daisy are repaying the favour.

They play in Birmingham on Monday and Tuesday, on both nights first as a duo and then in various combinations with the home team: Mapp, Levin and Tromans, as well as pianist Mike Hurley as well.

Monday’s gig is at Urban Coffee, 30 Church Street, just off Colmore Row, and starts at 9pm, which means you don’t need to miss the regular Yorks Bakery session beforehand.

Tuesday’s is at 8.30pm at the Lamp Tavern, Birmingham home of Fizzle, which promotes the freer end of jazz performance in the city. This gig will add that British master of tenor saxophone Paul Dunmall to the mix.

Both are Tony Dudley-Evans promotions in collaboration with Beat City (Monday) and Fizzle (Tuesday).

  • For more information seek out TDE on Facebook here.
  • Steve Tromans has written about his Chicago experience in one of his Deep Thought pieces for this blog. It’s here.

* It has become de rigueur on this blog to make an allusion to the Frank Sinatra song every time Chicago is mentioned. It’s tedious, I know, but indulge me here, will you? And to make it all worthwhile here is Frank singing that song:

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