Saxophone co-leaders at The Yardbird on Thursday

Chris Maddock and Nadim Teimoori (Photo © Garry Corbett)

Chris Maddock and Nadim Teimoori (Photo © Garry Corbett)

Alto saxophonist Chris Maddock and tenor man Nadim Teimoori will be side by side at The Yardbird on Thursday with their Quintet.

The poster!

The poster!

Both are 2012 music school graduates – Maddock from Birmingham Conservatoire, Teimoori from the Royal Academy – and both now ply their trade from bases in the south – Maddock in Bedfordshire, Teimoori in London. They also both have Tracey connections – Maddock being a current part of Clark’s Quintet, Teimoori in the late Stan’s final Octet line-up.

Maddock, a Yamaha Jazz Scholarship winner, is also a member of the Toby Boalch Sextet, the JJ Wheeler Quintet and the Jonathan Silk Big Band, which means he featured on two CDs from my 2013 favourites list. Teimoori has been a vital member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and plays with various bands.

Their band is completed by three familiar players on the Birmingham scene: guitarist Gareth Fowler, bassist Nick Jurd and another Yamaha Jazz Scholarship recipient, Jonathan Silk on drums.

The Chris Maddock/Nadim Teimoori Quintet will be playing from 9pm on Thursday at the vibrant bar between the Copthorne Hotel and the ironically named Paradise Forum in the centre of Birmingham. Playing the warm-up slot is the John Greenwood Quartet and there is a jam session afterwards into the early hours.

This is a Beat City production and for more information of both Beat City and further jazz nights at The Yardbird, it’s a good idea to make friends with Sam Marchant on Facebook. I hear there will be a Beat City website soon.

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