Liam Noble’s Brother Face – what does it mean?

brother faceBrother Face – “it doesn’t really mean anything (like the music), but I like the way it almost could.”

That’s pianist Liam Noble explaining why he chose those two words from a Robert Creeley poem for his quintet which adds trumpeter Chris Batchelor and saxophonist/clarinettist Shabaka Hutchings to his fellow trio players Dave Whitford on bass and Dave Wickins on drums.

And you can hear what music that “doesn’t really mean anything” sounds like this evening at the mac in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, and on Saturday at The Hive in Shrewsbury. Brother Face is in the middle of a tour which also takes in Millennium Hall, Sheffield, on 18 October, The Verdict, Brighton, on 1 November and The Vortex, Dalston, London, on 8 November.

Noble has always been an interesting player and his trio reworking of the music of Dave Brubeck, recorded as Brubeck in 2008, was exceptionally fine, so expectations are high for this band. It is going to be a real treat to hear not only the pianist but this fine cross-generational band – wonderful players all – and the new music Noble has written for them.

And he’s not only been writing music for the band, he’s been writing a blog about this tour. Excellent it is, too. He seems a little reluctant in early posts – a little anxious about navel gazing – but I think all his readers will be sharing my view that he really is rather good at blogging and so we hope he’ll continue after the tour is over.

So, get to the gig this evening – it’s at 8pm, tickets are £10, it’s a Jazzlines presentation and there is more here – or on Saturday – 8pm, tickets are £12 (£10 members), it’s from Shrewsbury Jazz Network and there is more here – and read Liam Noble’s blog here.

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  1. I’m yet to hear Brother Face live but I hope an album is in the pipeline! 2008’s Brubeck has to be one of the best dedication albums ever recorded, and I don’t say that frivolously. As a fellow pianist I found it’s inventive take on Brubeck’s too-often maligned tunes a revelation. Here’s to the Vortex date!

  2. I saw Brother Face tonight in Shrewsbury, absolutely brilliant. Some amazing moments of sensitive listening and spontaneous invention, the drummer was a pleasure to behold, all the musicians played with the upmost skill and awareness of one another and the piece.

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