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pysz(33 Jazz 231)

I hadn’t come across this Polish guitarist, now London-based, before. This is a trio date with Yuri Goloubev on double bass and Asaf Sirkis on drums and percussion.

Maciek Pysz himself plays both acoustic and classical guitars, though so rich is the recording quality and so varied the sounds he manages to get that you’d swear sometimes there was electricity involved. Maybe it’s that he overdubs at times to get a richer sound from his Godin classical guitar and his steel-strung acoustic.

All that, and the fact that both Goloubev and Sirkis are masters of a wide range of tones and textures from their instruments – virtuoso arco technique from Goloubev, middle eastern and Indian sounds from Sirkis – make this a richly varied album.

It’s extremely easy on the ear, and at first it all rather floated by as I cooked the evening meal. But it is well worth a more concentrated listen. Individual tracks stand out less than the overall pull, push and flow of the music over its full length, the style taking in jazz, Spanish, Latin,  Brazilian and classical influences.

And Pysz quite rightly draws our attention to the sound of the Artesuono studio in Italy and the engineering of Stefano Amerio:

“Finally I got to share with everyone my music , which is a very personal experience for me. I got to play with my favourite drummer and bass player, recording with my favourite sound engineer at the best studio for this type of music, does it get any better!?”

I am sure those generous feelings are common to many musicians, especially when recording a debut album, but you really can feel that warmth and delight in the music. That makes it specially rewarding and gives this album a very good vibe indeed.


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