CD review: World Service Project

WSPFire In A Pet Shop

This is the second major release from the frighteningly droll and difficult to classify World Service Project led by keyboard player and composer Dave Morecroft. If you’re desperate for a label to find them filed under, in the now virtually non-existent record shop, then it’s ‘progressive avant-garde punk funk thrash jazz rock fusion’!

World Service Project - good with animals

World Service Project – good with animals

Never mind a pet shop, the funky title track on this recording sounds like a whole zoo of exotic creatures are desperate to escape the blaze. Tim Ower’s sax is suitably screechy and Raphael Clarkson plays some glorious trombone. Barmy Army is a lovely demented prog take on klezmer music with Neil Blandford pummelling his drum kit. Dedicated to all those Facebook adherents who de-friend, De-Friender starts as a furious stop/go, clamorous heavy rock tune before eventually morphing into a delightfully incongruous polka section.

The Villain of the Aeroplane features Conor Chaplin’s magisterially gliding bass guitar before Dave Morecroft and Tim Ower’s incredibly high-reaching funky keyboards and saxophone evoke a seriously crazed aerial duel. Change the F**king Record begins with a suitably crazed assault before suddenly coming over all delicate, although not for long as some visceral keyboards kick in alongside furious horns. Scary circus fun is to be had on Dance of the Clown, featuring a hollering, whooping crowd, while Small Town Girl is a lovely funk number which slowly comes to the boil. Final tune Cunha begins in a deceptively quiet manner which only enhances the feeling of foreboding before the inevitable storm breaks and the instrumental thunder and lightning crashes and flashes the track to a close.

This record is seriously intense fun, in the Frank Zappa vein; it’s in the same mould as Trio VD and Led Bib, but with a wonderful sense of no holds-barred exuberance and humour.

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