CD review: Kyle Eastwood

eastwoodThe View from Here
(Jazz Village SP9570020)

For this recording the electric and double bass-player Kyle Eastwood has assembled a quartet of British musicians (or a loyal band of eager young Brits, as the press release has it!) of Graeme Blevins on saxophones, Graeme Flowers on trumpet, Andrew Mccormack on piano and Martyn Kaine on drums.

This highly polished record isn’t going to be upsetting any apple carts; the mood is consistent and accomplished, but dare I say a bit too conservative, and even bland in places, for my taste.

However, it does occasionally have its moments; Une Nuit Au Senegal is easily the best tune; with its catchy African-inspired bass and snatches of afro-style trumpet, it locks into to a danceable funky groove.

The pensive sounding Mistral, written by Flowers, with its insistent piano and bass tone augmented by some high-flying be-bop trumpet, is another track that pays off.

Overall though, it succumbs to a tasteful groove-reliant sound which is a touch too predictable, over much of the course of the album. Mr Eastwood, for the next recording make my day and consider taking a few more risks!

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