Russ Escritt – funeral arrangements

Russ Escritt, photographed by Garry Corbett

The funeral of Russ Escirtt, the jazz photographer who died on 11 November, is to be held at Sandwell Valley Crematorium at 12.15pm on Wednesday 28 November.

Afterwards there will be a gathering to remember Russ at the upstairs foyer in Symphony Hall, in Birmingham.

Jenny, Russ’s wife, has told me that everyone who knew Russ is most welcome.

Sandwell Valley Crematorium is in Newton Road, West Bromwich B71 3SX. For more details, go here.

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  1. A sad loss, but he leaves behind a great body of work. I still have a photo of Sonny Simmons taken by Russ at The Lamp Tavern. It makes really good use of the scant light and seems to capture the sprit of the man. Of course, it was another one of those gigs Birmingham seems to specialise in- a world class permformer playing to a handful of punters at an under-promoted gig in a backstreet boozer. However, Mr Simmons didn’t appear too down-hearted and demanded that Russ should buy him a bottle of champagne as compensation for allowing his image to be captured. I’m not sure if Eddie the landlord stocked champagne, however, Russ did buy him a pint of real ale, I’m not sure British real ale was to Sonny’s taste, but it was a great performance anyway!

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