Sounding Cov: a different kind of all-nighter

The healing power of music is being explored in Coventry on the night of Wednesday/Thursday this week. The event is called Sounding Cov and has been organised by a singer in the city, Sara McCarthy.

Sara McCarthy

She will be chanting a series of four Sanskrit mantras throughout the night (7pm to 7am).  The event is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the bombing of Coventry in the Second World War, and its purpose, in Sara’s words, is “to saturate Coventry city centre with sound, based on creativity, joy, and healing”.

Pianist Steve Tromans is involved and he told me all about it:

“The night will literally be ‘sounding’ Coventry. Each mantra has been chosen with a specific purpose in mind: the first, Om Shrim Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, invokes Ganasha, the elephant, in order to clear all obstacles; the second, Om Shrun-Kala Bandha Mochakaya Namaha, attracts positive energy, in order to relieve a chain of distresses; the third, Om Eim Hrim Chamunda Yei Vicche Namaha, works to install a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, invoking the goddess, Chamundi (she who cannot be defeated); while the fourth, Om Manu Sambhavayae Namaha, is a chant for peace, and blessing for humanity.”

The band for the 12-hour event of music-making will consist of Sara McCarthy (vocals), Steve Tromans on keyboard, plus the guitarist, Tom Ford, the bassist, Ashley Trigg, and the drummer, Tymek Jozwiak.  The four instrumentalists are all active on the contemporary jazz and improvising music scene in Birmingham, and have enthusiastically committed to the performance, and the concept behind the event.

Steve explains: “There are no restrictions on the type of music to be made during the evening and morning of Sounding Cov, and the event promises to be an extraordinarily powerful creative process.

“My experience of performing for lengthy durations was initiated at last year’s Harmonic Festival at the mac, and I am very much looking forward to repeating the process (without the headphones this time!). This is despite – or perhaps also because of – the inherent obstacles to overcome, in terms of fatigue, renewal and persistence of creativity, and performance endurance, alongside the raising of levels of performance intensity, and the increasing of one’s musical capacity to affect, and to be affected, that often accompanies such endeavours.”

The venue for the extended performance is the Broomfield Tavern, Sovereign Row, Coventry, CV5 6GY.  Entry is free, and attendees are welcome to join in the performance, or stay and watch for as long as they choose.  The performance concludes with an hour of silence between 6am-7am.

For more information, go here.

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  1. Yo, fantastic project Sara and fellow musicians, enjoy and Coventry will be beautiful as a result – if it isn’t already! Danu Fox, singer, jazzer, celebrant and shamanic practitioner.

  2. For those of you who missed it, and for those curious as to what such an event sounded like, here is a short clip from the 2012 “Sounding Cov” performance, featuring Sara McCarthy (vocals), Tom Ford (electric guitar), Ash Trigg (electric bass), Tymek Jozwiak (drums), and myself on keyboard:

    “Om Manu Om Manu Sambhavayae” (Sanskirt mantra for peace)

    This excerpt is from around the 1am point of the performance, in my recollection – six hours into the process. It is in no way representative of the style of the full eleven hours of music-making, since we passed through many different moods and modes of musical expression during that long night’s performance. However, it does give you a sense of occasion, after the event, and so I’ve decided to put it up here in response.

    Hope to see some of you at next year’s event.

    – Steve Tromans

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