Late reminder: Jeff Williams Quartet tonight

The drummer who splits his time between the States and here, has a recent album out with his US band, but tonight it’s his UK friends who join him at The Cross in Moseley, Birmingham.

Williams is a no-holds-barred player with a highly personal rhythmic feel and a sometimes confrontational interaction with his fellow players, and this always makes for jazz which is never complacent.

On saxophone is Josh Arcoleo who is about to make a more widely known name for himself as soon as his CD Beginnings, on the Edition label, gets out there; on guitar is the one and only Phil Robson, and on bass is Sam Lasserson.

Williams recent release on Whirlwind Recordings is called Another Time and it features Duane Eubanks on trumpet, John O’Gallagher on alto and John Hebert on bass.

The gig at The Cross starts in just over an hour’s time, at about 8.30pm, and tickets are £10. It’s a Cobweb Collective gig and you can found out more about them, as well as see where The Cross is, right here.

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