Look out for the Blue Train

Midlands trumpeter Ray Butcher has alerted me to a jazz club he is assisting with down in London.

It’s called Blue Train, and it’s at 56 Stamford St, Waterloo SE1 9LX

The Jazz Lounge has live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and here is the programme for August:

11th Natalie Williams
12th Jeff Hooper
13th Juliet Kelly

18th Jane Parker
19th Joe Cang
20th Ian Shaw

25th TBC
26th Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
27th Sarah Moule

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there is music in the upstairs restaurant. In August aid your digestion with:

15th TBC
16th: Simon Spillet (Sax) and John Critchenson (Piano)
17th: Kevin Hall (piano) and Lyla D’Souza (Vocals)

22nd Alan Barnes (Alto sax) and John Horler (Piano)
23rd Julie Dunn (vocals) and John Horler (Piano)
24th Julie Dunn (vocals) and John Horler (piano)

29th Phillip Clouts (piano) and Charlotte Black
30th Esther Miller (Vocals) and Steve Melling (Piano).
31st  Phillip Clouts Duo with Phillip Clouts (Piano) and Alex Keen (Bass)

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  1. lol Pete!
    check out http://www.bluetrainjazzandblues.com for details, they are being added,

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