The latest on the new Kurt Elling album

I’m excited already – so excited that I have just cut and pasted the latest e-news from Kurt straight in here, so you can read it too:

Kurt’s new album, The Gate, will be released February 8, 2011 on the Concord label. It features a stellar band with bassist John Patituci, guitarist John McLean, saxophonist Bob Mintzer, and drummers Terreon Gully and Kobie Watkins, in addition to the brilliance of Kurt and Laurence Hopgood.

Fans who’ve been to recent shows have already heard some of the tunes performed live: Steppin’ Out, Golden Lady, Norwegian Wood, and Samurai Cowboy.

The Gate also includes Matte Kudasai, Come Running to Me, Blue in Green, After the Love Is Gone, and Nighttown, Lady Bright.

Unlike Nightmoves, which had a theme, The Gate has a vibe, a mood. It’s both a logical extension of all Kurt’s studio recordings and also something very different from much of what he’s been playing in the last few years. Expect to be delightfully surprised!

Kurt remarks, “Every time I make a record, I have a new set of tasks in my mind for myself. All my musicians are of top caliber, so I have to step up my game and rise into a new space. I want each album and each live performance to be a step forward for me and my fans.”

Producer Don Was said, “The thing I love about this record is nobody’s trying.” The sound is full, the musicians are relaxed, and the music flows effortlessly, like a fabulous conversation among master artists.

Laurence Hopgood adds, “I have to believe that this record is really going to have an impact — it’s got something that is a new level for us. We’re out there doing what we can to make the world a better place in our own way. We see people at performances who are deeply moved. They are bearing witness to artistry and to forms of expression where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It affects people deeply. I think that’s really important.”

Until the big event arrives, let’s be content with this video of Samurai Cowboy live from last summer’s North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands:


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