Russ’s pic of the week: 24-05-10

Here is electric bassist Steve Swallow from the gig with Gwilym Simcock, Mike Walker and Adam Nussbaum at the CBSO Centre on Saturday. It’s Russ Escritt’s choice for his pic of the week.

Russ has hundreds more like this – in fact when it comes to jazz musicians, if they’ve played in Birmingham he has probably taken their picture. And they are all being loaded onto Russ’s new website which is here. It’s a work in progress as Russ consolidates the content from his previous two sites and moves it all to the new one but there is already a great deal to look at. And now there is the added bonus that you can search for a particular musician. Russ also has available three books of his photographs: two of general pictures and one dedicated to the legendary great grandaddy of Birmingham jazz, Andy Hamilton. Go to the ABOUT section of the site for more details.

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