ECM: Jan Garbarek across the table

ECM 40 YEARSThe new double disc by the Jan Garbarek Group is called Dresden and is the first live recording the Norwegian saxophonist has released under his own name since he started recording for ECM nearly 40 years ago, and Jan talked to thejazzbreakfast about it, and about how he found his sound, how he met Manfred Eicher, and what makes ECM so special.

Read the full interview on a new page called Across the table

And then check out Dresden. It’s an extraordinary document of a concert recorded in concert on 20 October 2007 – extraordinary because it wasn’t intended for release, it was just a record for the band. It was only when Jan listened to it a while later (and this accounts for the time lapse between recording and release) that he realised what he had.

The band comprises longtime keyboard player Rainer Bruninghaus, sometime collaborator though not previously in this band Manu Katche on drums, and new boy Yuri Daniel on bass. The cover is a rich and multi-faceted red and reflects perfectly the energy, the passion and the sometimes explosive playing that lies within.

Katche is clearly a key driver of the new sound the group has, and the funkier sound of the electric bass is vital, too. But Bruninghaus is not to be ignored and turns in some of the most dramatic playing of the evening. Garbarek is on fire on soprano on the opener and just as impassioned on tenor.

There are familiar Garbarek pieces from previous albums but also some new ones and a stunning version of the beautiful Milton Nascimento song, Milagre Dos Peixes (Miracle of the Fishes).

It’s just a fabulous recording!

Jan Garbarek Group: Dresden (ECM 270 9572)

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  1. Sold! It was ECM that got me hooked on Jazz and whilst Garbarek isn’t everyone’s cup of tea he has such a unique sound and fabulous personnel around him – I will be investing in the album!!!

  2. I’m 18yrs old, and i’m in South Africa, Jan’s music is superb, just wondering wen he is gonna perform this side.

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