Bobby’s Dialed In tomorrow

The New York drummer Bobby Previte has been a fairly regular visitor to these shores down the years. I remember first seeing him at the Custard Factory in the early 1990s leading a band of bright young jazz knights called Weather Clear, Track Fast.

Since then he has worked with Birmingham Conservatoire students on a project for the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, and recorded a live performance of his Joan Miro-inspired piece for jazz orchestra here. Ever innovative, he now returns with his Dialed In project, a collaboration with video-jockey and artist Benton-C Bainbridge.

Birmingham Jazz has always believed strongly in taking jazz to different audiences and is known for its imaginative collaborations with other musical organisations. So it is not surprise that BJ is collaborating with Capsule and the Supersonic Festival to bring over this project from the States.

Dialed In will play on the second day of the festival, tomorrow in the Custard Factory.

Bobby describes Dialed In as “a live audiovisual performance”.

“I trigger every sound live – no loops, no laptops, 
no overdubbing. VJ Benton-C paints with light, spilling off 
the screen and onto the performers.

“We each use obsolete and forgotten technology scavenged 
from the tech dump.”

According to the publicity, Benton-C warps video into strange shapes not seen since Electric Company, while Previte whips sonic fragments into powerful songs.

You can find out everything else you need to know at

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