Aaaahhhhh! It’s The Terror… Finally

Saxophonist Pete Wareham has a way with band names and certainly presents his prospective fans with an honest indication of what they might get if they go along to one of his gigs.
Acoustic Ladyland had clear references to Jimi Hendrix and the band is very keen to be thought of not as a jazz group but more aligned to the indie rock or club scene. They certainly weren’t interested in being covered in blogs like this one.
Wareham’s latest band is The Final Terror, and as they have played at the Cheltenham and London jazz festivals, it’s safe to assume that their leader has come to terms with the fact that the jazz world is more likely to be sympathetic to his cause than the rock or club audiences.
That’s not to say that Wareham has gone soft and swinging. This band mixes a lot of thrash speed and intensity into its music and I suspect some of the bands led by New York iconoclast John Zorn feature in Wareham’s CD collection.
Leo Taylor is on drums, Ruth Goller on bass and Chris Sharkey on guitar, and the The Final Terror can be faced at The Rainbow in Digbeth tomorrow night. This February offering of Jazz Club starts at 8.30pm and tickets are just £3 on the door. More at

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